transmissions for justice and peace - community begins with communication

Longest Walk 2

2008-07-30 - 40 Years American Indian Movement - SomArts Cultural Center, 934 Brannan St. San Francisco

The women and men of the American Indian Movement - the warriors, leaders, marchers, occupiers, dancers reflect the many faces of AIM, a 40 year old struggle with its roots in a 500 year history of Oppression....... In November, 1972 AIM brought a caravan of Native Nation representatives to Washington, DC, to the place where dealings with Indians have taken place since 1849: the US Department of Interior. AIM put the following claims directly before the President of the United States -Restoration of treaty making(ended by Congressin 1871 -Establishment of a treaty commission to make new treaties ( with sovereign Native Nations) -Indian leaders to address Congress -Review of treaty commitments and violations -Unratified treaties to go before the Senate -All Indians to be governed by treaty relations -Relief for Native Nations for treaty rights violations -Recognition of the r right o Indians to interpret treaties -Joint Congressional Committee to be formed on reconstruction of Indian relations -Restoration of 110 million acres of land taken away from Native Nations by the United States -Restoration of terminated Rights -Repeal of state jurisdiction on Native Nations -Federal protection for offenses against Indians -Abolishment of the Bureau of Indian Affairs -Creation of a new office of Federal Indian Relations -New office to remedy breakdown in the constitutionally prescribed relationships between the United States and Native Nations -Native Nations to be immune to commerce regulations, taxes, trade restrictions of states -Indian religious freedom and cultural integrity protected -Establishment of national Indian voting with local options; free national Indian organizations from governmental controls -Reclaim and affirm health, housing, employment, economic development, and education for all Indian people for more information check out

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11.8 Mb
42.12 Mb
46.03 Mb
41.29 Mb

2008-07-25 - Returning to Mendocino County - Northern California

Returning to Northern California, Mendocino County, where 130 plus fires had been burning since the Summer Solstice..... most of them have been put out... but the smoke is still oppressive.... Forest Restoration.... Small Dia Pole Utilization .... Homes..... Jobs..... Quality of Life

2008-07-20 - We Are Off Line, Will Have the Presentations Posted in Few DaysFinal Day IEN Protecting Mother Earth - Newe Sogobia

Have begun editing will have posted in a day or so... We are headed back to Northern California, will be getting all the last few pieces up as we go..... thanks for listening, check back to the web site in few days

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43.4 Mb
9.62 Mb
9.62 Mb
2.43 Mb
7.76 Mb
2.71 Mb
3.99 Mb
3.99 Mb
5.12 Mb

2008-07-20 - More audio -

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6 Mb
13.4 Mb
3.53 Mb
7.04 Mb
7.3 Mb
1.89 Mb
3.36 Mb
7.6 Mb
2.27 Mb

2008-07-12 - Longest Walk Celebration Pow Wow - Washington DC

Sitting between the Washington Monument and the Capitol Building.........

2008-07-10 - Things Are More Like They Are Now ,Than They Have Ever Been - Green Belt Park , Maryland

Just out side of Washington DC, in the woods, Bringing Conclusion to the Longest Walk 2, In preparation for the final day...... Manifesto . What's Next...

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12.83 Mb
12.38 Mb
12.39 Mb
20.17 Mb
32.24 Mb
10.96 Mb
36.05 Mb
19.23 Mb
11.2 Mb

2008-07-09 - off air Cultural Survival, Manefesto - Green Belt Park, just outside of Washington ,

Will be back tommorrow Hopefully we will be talking about the walkers ideas of a manefesto

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2.66 Mb
49.41 Mb
39.4 Mb
47.29 Mb
2 hours 10 min dennis banks and longest talk
119.18 Mb

2008-07-08 - Cultural Summit - Green Belt Park, just outside DC

the walkers are walking...will be entering camp around four pm eastern time...ceremonies will begin shortly thereafter.

2008-07-06 - Southern Route, a visit - Mt. Independence, Virginia

About 50 miles south of Washington DC, we connect with the Southern Route, As they are working on the Manifesto, Focus the Prayer, Inspire Action , Envision Change... Old Ways Into a New World

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
A Song Prayer from the Northern Route
946.12 Kb
13.3 Mb
Thoughts and Prayers to Cyril Taylor, elder
1.42 Mb
1978 Longest Walker, Health the body as Temple of the Spirit
10.18 Mb
recorded on the Northern Route,
11.85 Mb
Manefesto, Action Plan
4.05 Mb

2008-07-06 - Longest Walkers in Baltimore - Baltimore , Maryland

Northern Walkers enter Baltimore City, Information Update......

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
Northern Walkers enter Baltimore, Maryland one hour 11 min
64.99 Mb

2008-07-04 - heading to DC, - Washington, DC

Walkers are walking, the Bus is relocating to DC, will be setting up for their arrival........

2008-07-03 - Begining the Manefesto, Ideas to Implement the Action Plan, - Condorus campground, Hanover, Pa

We start the day getting walkers off, organizing in Condorus campground , just a bit east of Hanover, Pa... Our first interview deals with Pets, then moving to some local information... lots to do

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Education, Dignity, Understanding not pets, but family
46.15 Mb

2008-06-30 - State Capitol - Harrisburg, Pa

We have arrived to the State Capitol Steps, and will be doing a prayer vigil here, from 11:30 to 1:30, eastern time, tomorrow, will be at the Carlisle Indian School, as we come closer to DC... July 8th to 11th Cultural Survival Gathering.....

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51.91 Mb

2008-06-26 - URGENT! PLEASE ACT NOW! - Moving Across Pennsylvania News Letter Online from Indigenous Environmental Network copy link location below into browser URGENT! PLEASE ACT NOW! JULY 7, 2008 DEADLINE FOR COMMENTS Please Forward Widely to Everyone You Know! On May 23, 2008 the Office Of Surface Mining (OSM) opened a 45 day public comment period concerning the proposed Black Mesa Project: Peabody Coal Company's massive coal-mining expansion plans on the sacred ancestral homelands of the Dine' (Navajo) & Hopi peoples of Black Mesa, AZ. Peabody Coal's plans would devastate whole communities & ecosystems and de-stabilize our planet's climate for their own personal gain. Your voices are urgently needed before the comment period closes July 7, 2008! Big Mountain, Black Mesa Elder Faces Threat of her Ceremonial Lodge/Home being dismantled while Peabody Coal Company is pushing their massive coal-mining expansion plans on the sacred ancestral homelands of the Dine' (Navajo) & Hopi peoples of Black Mesa, AZ. Your voices are urgently needed before the deadline! PEABODY COAL COMPANY'S PLANS UNDERMINES PLANETARY LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEMS BY ACCELERATING ECOLOGICAL & CULTURAL COLLAPSE! We cannot allow a small cartel of energy corporations and their financial backers to knowingly de-stabilize our planet's climate and devastate whole communities & ecosystems for their own personal gain. This may turn out to be the most devastating crime ever perpetrated against humanity, the planet and future generations. We are at a critical juncture. Indigenous and land-based people globally have maintained the understanding that our collective survival is deeply dependent on our relationship to the Earth. Please, act now in support of the communities on the front lines of resistance! The Black Mesa Project Environmental Impact Statement (BMP-EIS) outlines harmful impacts to every level of the ecological and cultural systems on Black Mesa and has global repercussions. If we don't stop these plans, Peabody will have the green light to: * Lock in mining rights until the coal runs out or until 2025! * Substantially accelerate global warming and cause an ecological meltdown. * Destroy thousands of acres of canyon lands, vanishing indigenous vegetation and shrines or burials. * Blast the land for coal & deplete air quality, increasing the health risk of the local residents and their livestock. * Deplete an underground source of water that residents depend on to survive by pumping massive amounts of water. * Uproot & relocate families from their ancestral homelands where the coal mining expansion are. * Sacrifice human dignity and planetary health for elite profit! Peabody would cause many more problems than what is reflected here. HERE'S HOW TO SEND YOUR COMMENTS: You can send as many comments as you want on different issues, as long is it's before the deadline on July 7, 2008. Your comments must directly address components of the EIS. Alternative C, (No Action), is our preferred alternative. Alternative B is Peabody Coal's preferred alternative. Find a sample letter here or write your own. At the top of your letter or in the subject line of your e-mail message, indicate: "BMP Draft EIS Comments.'' Include your name and return address in your letter or e-mail message. The Draft Black Mesa Project Environmental Impact Statement for Peabody Coal's preferred Alternative B is available for review on OSM's Internet Web site at: EMAIL: You should receive a confirmation that OSM has received your e-mail comment, or contact (303) 293-5048. WRITTEN COMMENTS sent by first-class or priority U.S. Postal Service: Dennis Winterringer, Leader, Black Mesa Project EIS, OSM Western Region, P.O. Box 46667, Denver, Colorado 80201-6667. COMMENTS DELIVERED by U.S. Postal Service Express Mail or by courier service: Dennis Winterringer, Leader, Black Mesa Project EIS, OSM Western Region, 1999 Broadway, Suite 3320, Denver, Colorado 80202-5733. For More Information: Tel: 928-213-5909 Fax: 928-213-5905 Incinerators in Disguise: New Toxic Threat to Indigenous Lands and People By Bradley Angel, Executive Director of Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice Do you know what plasma arc, gasification and pyrolysis technologies are? It is important to learn about them because companies hoping to make millions of dollars are promoting these technologies to Native Nations and communities across the U.S. and the world, falsely claiming they can get rid of all types of waste with no pollution while generating �renewable energy.� Sound too good to be true? In the late 1980�s and early 1990�s, Indigenous lands were targeted by companies trying to build giant incinerators and dumps that would burn or dump toxic waste, garbage, medical waste and nuclear waste shipped in from far and wide. Companies and the United States government tried to exploit tribal sovereignty and the need for economic development and offered millions of dollars to any tribe that would allow their lands to be turned into toxic dumping grounds for other peoples� waste. Indigenous people learned the truth and defeated almost every proposal for large incinerators and dumps, in large part due to the formation and efforts of the Indigenous Environmental Network. 6/16/08 Breaking News: Victory! Red Bluff Residents & Greenaction Defeat InEnTec�s Proposed Plasma Arc Incinerator in Disguise! Read victory press release! Read background information and see news coverage. The Indigenous Environmental Network is working with Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice and the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives to stop incinerators in disguise and to promote truly renewable energy and zero waste programs. Please keep your eyes and ears open and alert us if you learn about incinerators in disguise being promoted in your area. Click here to read the rest of this article. For more information visit Greenaction�s website to read reports, power points and case studies about incinerators in disguise or call Greenaction at (415) 248-5010 x 101 The Longest Walk II Southern and Northern Routes are well on their way to Washington DC. The Southern Route just passed through Asheville, NC and is now in Durham, NC. The Northern Route walkers passed through Pittsburgh, PA and are now on their way from Bedford to Carlisle, PA. Looks like everyone is right on schedule for their arrival in DC on July 11th. While in DC from July 11-16, the walkers from both routes will be delivering the Longest Walk Manifesto to Senators and Congressmen. It is being written as the walks cross the United States. In each community visited the participants will be listening to the needs and concerns of indigenous communities. The Longest Walk II commemorates the 30th anniversary of the first Walk in 1978 that helped to bring some positive change to the lives and freedoms of indigenous people in the United States and was instrumental in the ratification of the American Indian Religious Freedom Act. For more information: Longest Walk 2 Censored News Longest Walk Talk Radio The Longest Walk 2008 MISSION STATEMENT February, 11 - July 11, 2008 4,400 miles We walk with the message: All Life is Sacred, Save Mother Earth. We shall walk for the Seventh Generation, for our youth, for peace, for justice, for healing of Mother Earth, for the healing of our people suffering from diabetes, heart conditions, alcoholism, drug addiction, and other diseases. Through the elements of the seasons, we shall walk through the rain, snow, over mountains, high winds, through the heat and cold, nothing shall deter us from completing our mission: All Life is Sacred, Protect Sacred Sites. Read the rest of the mission statement. >>>>>>>NEW IEN PROJECT ANNOUNCEMENT <<<<<<< IEN is launching of its new �Food, Sovereignty, Security and Health Project� an initiative seeking to promote ecological and human health by increasing the accessibility of healthy locally grown and produced foods to communities in north central Minnesota. In addition, the project will also serve to assist in the sustainability of the local economy by encouraging the purchasing and consumption of local food resources. For more information email: Don't Forget: Protecting Mother Earth Conference July 17-20, 2008 �Enough is enough. This earth is our mother. If we keep on contaminating her and abusing her where are we going to go? Everything should come to a standstill and we should take a look at ourselves and what we are doing to the earth.� Carrie Dann Western Shoshone Grandmother �As Western Shoshone, we are honored to welcome our brothers and sisters from around the world to our beautiful homeland, share with you our struggle, and learn about your struggles and strong works in your own homelands. This conference will be an important opportunity for Indigenous peoples and our allies to come together in a good way to strengthen our solidarity and find ways to work together to protect our Mother Earth for all life. We look forward to seeing you soon!� Thank you, Larson Bill Western Shoshone Defense Project Click Here to learn more and to sign up online or donate today. Tornado damages hog farm Yankton Sioux prophecy fulfilled MARTY, S.D. - Yankton Sioux tribal members credited divine intercession for a tornado that struck a large-scale hog farm that's being constructed on the reservation in defiance of a tribal court exclusion order. The storm, which hit the building site June 5 at about 5:30 p.m., tore out a fence, downed electrical poles and wiring, scattered 4-foot-long concrete blocks and demolished small construction-related buildings, among other damage. ''The tornado was a sign for the builders to stop,'' said Izzy Zephier, an Ihanktowan Dakota elder who is widely known for his prophesies. ''On the second day of construction, the Grandfathers spoke to us in a ceremony and told us that a wind would blow away the farm.'' Faith Spotted Eagle, Ihanktowan Dakota cultural resources expert and therapist, agreed with Zephier, calling the storm a warning that must be heeded. Click here to read the rest of the article. ABC: Please Tell The Truth - Tar Sand and Oil Shale Production Are NOT The Answer On June 16th, Good Morning America aired "The Black Gold Rush" Investors, Oil Industry try Finding Alternative Ways to Increase Production." Reported by John Berman the story centered on the possiblility and the availability of oil in sand and shale layers of the Earth but vagely touched on the negative environmental and nothing on the human and animal health impacts of this kind of production. Read the Story and Watch the segment Here. Click here to read comments from viewers. Click here to add your own comments and information. Maybe producers will be compelled to do a more truthful report. Here are some links for more information that you may add to your messages: Indigenous Environmental Network - Newsletter/Tar Sands Info Oil Sand Truth Tar Sands Watch Environmental Defense Polar Bears Listed as Threatened by the Dept of the Interior - Oil Companies Gearing Up to Fight for More Production? At a news conference held in mid May to announce the listing, Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne was armed with slides and charts showing the dramatic decline in sea ice over the last 30 years and projections that the melting of ice -- a key habitat for the bear -- would continue and may even quicken. He said that means the polar bear is a species likely to be in danger of extinction in the near future. Read the CNN Story - Click Here Unfortunately, the Bush administration is unwilling to act to address the fundamental causes of global warming. They also ignore the impacts to other marine mammals and refuse to honor the rights of the indigenous peoples of the North Slope and Chukchi Sea areas. Despite the efforts of IEN and REDOil, oil lease bids were accepted by the Interior Department's Minerals Management Service. (Read the Press Release Here) ConocoPhillips, BP PLC, Exxon Mobil Corp. and Royal Dutch Shell PLC bid hundreds of these leases and now have a greater stake how this ruling will effect their plans. These leases are still being reviewed by the MMS. We will bring you news and updates as they become available. Support Our Work & Make a Statement! Purchace New Items For Family, Friends and Yourself! You can now choose from a large selection of tshirts, mugs, bags, and more to give as gifts or to help you organize and dress for success! We now have three stores to choose from highlighting our organization and projects. Use these links to view and purchase: Indigenous Environmental Network REDOIL Protecting Mother Earth Indigenous Peoples are confronting many challenges. Changes in the environment, globalization and rapid economic development threaten our communities on both a local and global level. The survival of Indigenous culture, language and community continues to be affected by a modern industrialized world that lacks respect for the sacredness of Mother Earth. As "caretakers" of Mother Earth, it is our historic repsonsibility to protect the natural environment, to generate awarness of traditional ecological knowledge and promote models for sustainable community development. Established in 1990, IEN was formed by community-based Indigenous Peoles, including youth and elders, to address environmental and economic justice issues in North America. Indigenous Environmental Network P.O. Box 485 Bemidju, MN 56619 1 281.751.4967 Fax: 1 281.751.0561 Native Youth Program: Native Energy & Climate Program: REDOIL - Alaska-based Network: Tribal Campus Climate Challenge Project: Canadian Indigenous Tar Sands Campaign: Toxics and Environmental Health Alaska and Toxics Policy: Minnesota Toxics Toxics Policy, Incineration: Mining Program Canada and Lower 48: Alaska: Sustainable Communities: Food Sovereignty: Development and Grants: Executive Director: The Indigenous Environmental Network • PO Box 485 • Bemidji • MN • 56619 Subscribe Unsubscribe Preferences Send to a Friend Report Spam

2008-06-22 - Buffalo Nation Pow Wow - Farmington , Pa

Will have the interviews posted in next few days , thanks for weekend Lewisburg,Pa and the Vigil for all folks behind bars.....and the prison for profit issues.....

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
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Music of Language or Language of Music Uni-verse
36.22 Mb
22.86 Mb

2008-06-21 - Solstice Pow Wow Conversations - Buffalo Nation Farmington, Pa

Govenor's Proclamation, then We speak with a representative of the Govenor, Conflict Resolution strategies, Longest Walk intro to Pow Wow,

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29.83 Mb
19 Mb
14.86 Mb
28.25 Mb

2008-06-20 - Solstice Buffalo Nation Pow Wow - Woodland Zoo, Farmington, Pa

2008-06-15 - Apology for Violence in Columbus - Racoon Creek State Park, just outside of Pittsburgh, PA

The Columbus media tried to say the stories of Police Violence against Longest Walk was made up, until the Video showed up...... now they want to apologize.... we suggest that an Apology would consist of 3 points... 1) Change the Name of the city to reflect Native Peoples 2)tear down every statue of columbus 3)change school curriculm to reflect that columbus had the Hands of every male over thirteen Hacked OFF, initiated the Human Slave Trade begining with the Tahino, Call the columbus, mayor, chief of police, governor of ohio will have contact info on

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
one hour 3 min Change the Name of Columbus ,Ohio
58.08 Mb
one hour 5 min Traditional Knowledge What is Lost
59.8 Mb
Peace and Dignity Runners meet Longest Walkers
11.34 Mb
Mike Wilson, Border Wars, Humanitarian Aid, Human Rights
25.12 Mb
17.16 Mb
14.97 Mb

2008-06-14 - Surviving Columbus, the Tahino are stlll Here - Racoon State Park, Pennsylvania

Tahino Peoples, survived the atrocities of Columbus , an insight to the strength of a People, and the ongoing Walk through Time into Now. We speak with Marie Little Moon about the Walk and Columbus, as we segway into being in Pennsylvania with Art Woolsey and Adriana Buckskin

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
one hour 6 min The Tahino, Peoples of First Contact
61.08 Mb
32.66 Mb
39.55 Mb

2008-06-11 - Coning into Pennsylvania - West Virginia Pennsylvania Border

Meet with a representative from Govenor's office to read a Proclamation, Marie Little Moon, Andreana Buckskin, Art Woolsey and speak with Hawk about the Honor Dance being held on the Solstice at Woodland Zoo, Farmington Pa.

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
2.09 Mb
25.58 Mb
52.43 Mb

2008-06-10 - Red Bird Center - Cambridge , Ohio

A grounding insight to multicultural healling... understanding behavior as language, using the Wounded Bear blue print, Remembering What We've Always Known.... Update With Jimbo Simons..... as we come closer to the Center of The Circle.... Recorded the Columbus Incident from the view of the children in the car..... where the police told the kids they were going to be taken from their parents and given to a Service Center.....more fear and oppression.. we need the police to do some sensitivity training....

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
40.31 Mb
50.27 Mb
15.69 Mb

2008-06-09 - Hot and Humid - Cambridge, Ohio

very hot in the bus, much like a sauna , will be back tomorrow, 10 am pacific time....... as we begin the Circling Up into DC, July 8th to 11th Cultural Survival Gathering......

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44.99 Mb

2008-06-07 - Farmers Market, the Heart Beat of a Community - Cambridge, Ohio

A refreshing site, after Columbus, to see the square around the court house full of local vendors selling, trading their fresh grown produce and value added products , baked breads, candles, pastries....children happily entertained in the muggy heat of Ohio.....wonderful folks....and a few sad and scary stories......

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14.08 Mb
3.58 Mb
1.26 Mb
3.27 Mb
7.09 Mb
2.8 Mb
9.17 Mb
516.73 Kb

2008-06-06 - Columbus and his Legacy - East of Columbus , Ohio

A talk with Ann Garrison of San Francisco, reference to Columbus Day Parade, Blue Angels, Military Recruitment and the Papal Bulls..... And we see Columbus Ohio living up to it's legacy..As he hacked off the hands of the inhabitants of the "new lands" and initiated the global slave trade while ushering in an era of culturecide that lives on to this day.........

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20.89 Mb

2008-06-04 - Re locate Camp to Flint Ridge / Everyone is Safe - Just East of Norwalk, Ohio,

Things with the Police have calmed... although we were visited with a drive through here at camp.. thanks everyone for keeping The Walk in your thoughts... another example of the Power of the Walk, exposing the mind set of dominant culture, ruled by and with fear, and intimidation..... everyone is safe and the walk is going on..... Will be here until Friday as the walkers are Base Camped Here..... An Interview with Love the Mezzenger and the Episode in Columbus..... as the local police attempt to stop the Walk, the Prayer.. How ironic , Columbus, Ohio.....

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
One hour 9 min....
31.9 Mb

2008-06-03 - Police Harrasment in Columbus - columbus, Ohio

The local police live up to the reputation of Columbus, as they tried to arrest the walkers yesterday, 40 plus police and several patty-wagons as they initiated the confrontation and only later with calls from the supporters and organizers did they stand down ..... after wards several bicycle police participated in doing traffic control ... today there was a press conference held at the Ohio State House where once again the police mandated that the public could not occupy public places...... the walkers left after singing several songs and offering prayers and Honoring the Longest Walk of 1978 and to Religous Freedom

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12.9 Mb
13.47 Mb
31.48 Mb

2008-06-01 - Antioch and the Struggles of Education - Yellow Springs, Ohio

Yellow Springs, an artist community of Ohio, home of Antioch, Wonderful community support, Ancient Mounds, folks went to visit Serpent Mound yesterday, with a midnight sweat.... setting off to Columbus

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41.44 Mb
33.62 Mb

2008-05-30 - Walk Talk through Yellow Springs, - Yellow Springs , Ohio

A visit to Yellow Springs, the healing waters of the Spring, a walk through town, and conversations with community ....... and a talk with a vet who joined to pay off a college debt,

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
2.26 Mb
970.61 Kb
1.86 Mb
2.57 Mb
357.55 Kb
3.17 Mb
23.52 Mb
4.26 Mb
9.53 Mb

2008-05-29 - Longest Talk, checking in with Brenda Norrell - On the Road , Ohio

A quick check in with Brenda Norrell, issues and siturations on the road in Ohio...... the livelink is upper left corner of links list

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19.77 Mb
8.69 Mb

2008-05-28 - Getting Focused, - Ohio

will finish the Shift of Land series produced by Sarah Parker, who will return to walk in week or so, the Democracy Now piece as tribute to Utah Philips

2008-05-26 - The smell of Hogs is to Much, we are out of here........Future Energy and Conservation Center - Brookville, OH

The Dull Farm provides the venue.Organizations and businesses provide the displays and information...Working Displays... Wind... Hydrogen.. Biomass... Ethanol... Geothermal... Solar... Bio-diesel... Corn stove heating... Green Building...Hybrids vehicles..Everyday conservation...

2008-05-23 - Indianapolis ,Race Cars and Walkers . - Indianapolis , Indiana

Yesterday two proclamations were presented to the Longest Walk, One from the Mayor, the other from the Govenor. Over cast and rainy, as the city gears up for the 'Indy 500' speed car race, the Walkers present a different 'Way' as they walk through Indianapolis........

2008-05-21 - Rolling down the Road, Greensville Indiana next stop - Greensville, Indiana

Will be rolling , will set up once we get to the next stop, to go live, As we have crossed the Mississippi the energy has shifted , the trees are green, the air fresh, with lots of rain, and the need to have a Vision more needed than ever.... What would be in your manefesto??????

2008-05-20 - Recording in Camp, - Terra Haurte, Indiana

Shift of Land produced by Sara Parker, on the web at

2008-05-19 - Less than 800 miles, We are OFF AIR will be back tommorrow - Terre Haute, Indiana, Hawthorne Park

We are in the woods in Indiana, raining, we will see how long we can go, stopped for breakfast and used cooking oil, Looking at the Manefesto and the issues across Turtle Island......what are your thoughts

2008-05-16 - Moving through Illinois - Marshall, Illinois

Just 10 miles from Indiana, be here a couple of days, we have a lot of stuff archived, looking at making issue shows specific.....playing archives today, Govenor issues proclamation supporting Longest Walk, camp site free.....

2008-05-15 - Carbon Trading / Palestine 60 years of Genocide - Camp ground , Illinois

We speak with Tom Goldtooth of the Indigenous Environmental Network, in reference to the 2008 Permanent Forum and their statement concerning Carbon Credits, the rest of the day is dedicated to the 60 years of resistance and education .... Palestine

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
Update after the UN Permanent Forum Statement
23.86 Mb
18 hour radio broadcast on 60 years of Palestinian dispossession
13.16 Mb
4.49 Mb
9.84 Mb
14.5 Mb
10.15 Mb
12.57 Mb
10.28 Mb
2.6 Mb
16.9 Mb
6.58 Mb
9.74 Mb
4 Mb
1.51 Mb
16.9 Mb

2008-05-14 - What is the Positive News? - Valldalia, Illinois

204 years ago Lewis and Clark set out from the Dubois camp to go up the Missouri River, today we set out in the Opposite direction, to Washington DC

2008-05-14 - Free Radio Palestine - Web Cast Relay

if you can't get it live from our link go to if the link is not live... copy into your web browser

2008-05-13 - Rain Hail, Lightning Thunder, the River is Rising - Wood River, Illinois

Dreary rainy day, walkers are out, Lightning and Thunder......Walkers walking through ST.Louis

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6.39 Mb
17.55 Mb

2008-05-12 - The Sun is Shinning, Earthquakes in China, Wind Storms and Rain here - Edwardsville, Illinois

9000 people pass over in China after earthquake, will be with you shortly

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
15.7 Mb
A conversation with Ann Garison
19.63 Mb
Alternative Electricity
4.73 Mb

2008-05-10 - Cahokia Mounds, Pow Wow - Collinsville, Illinouis

We will be web casting the Pow Wow and doing interviews with folks here...... Looking at the significance of Crossing the Mississippi

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
one hour six min
30.5 Mb
19.42 Mb
6.37 Mb
2.41 Mb
2.14 Mb
3.42 Mb

2008-05-09 - United Nations Declaration On the Rights of Indigenous Peoples - Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, Illinois

A presentation by the International Indian Treaty Council,Andrea Carmen and Lenny Foster...... An Understanding of the Significance of the Longest Walk......

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4.89 Mb
12.89 Mb
5.8 Mb
1.19 Mb
4.55 Mb
21.41 Mb
20.6 Mb
3.05 Mb
11.54 Mb
9.35 Mb
6.56 Mb
3.59 Mb
7.06 Mb

2008-05-06 - Knob Noster Park, Spring Time in Missouri - Knob Noster, Missouri

Set up at park site for a couple of days , will be heading to St. Louis tomorrow for the Treaty Council presentation on Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the implications of using the United Nations

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25.46 Mb
9.36 Mb
13.2 Mb
11.58 Mb
11.58 Mb

2008-05-05 - Haskel Wet Lands and Cultural Center - Knob Noster, Missouri

We are in process of editing will have archives up in a bit..... tomorrow, we will see, carbon trading, border, update on Yankton....

2008-05-02 - Jurisdiction in a Non IRA Nation - Yankton, South Dakota, Ft Randall Casino Hotel

The Rains are here, we have set up the studio in the hotel, looking forward to the latest updates on the pig farm / county /state / Yankton Nakota Nation

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14.01 Mb
15.77 Mb
13.27 Mb
11.79 Mb
6.55 Mb
one hour six minutes
30.42 Mb
3.6 Mb

2008-05-02 - More To Come One World Conflict Resolution - Yankton, Nakota

If We Are Not Careful We Will End Up Where We Are Headed

2008-05-01 - BIA Confirms Juristiction Rights to Yankton Soiux Tribe - Yankton, South Dakota

Good News will have more in the morning Listen to Archived Piece Wind is Picking up, Rocking the Bus, Satelite connection intermitten , Will Record and Post for Replay Later....... Folks are out on an action, we are playing some of the statements from United Nations, will have more interviews from Yankton some time later this evening

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
22.1 Mb

2008-04-30 - Yankton, Pigs Police and Protest - Yankton, South Dakota

Live Update from the Yankton Sioux Lands, as more of Mother Earth is Declared Sacrifice Zone, slated for all kinds of exploitation, First they want to get rid of the People......

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
16.17 Mb
16.57 Mb
On the Ground , Point of View ,
23.72 Mb
6.54 Mb

2008-04-29 - Kansas State House Dennis Banks - Topeka Kansas

Kansas State House steps, Longest Walk 2

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
Govenor's Proclamation, Dennis Banks, Sierra Club , Water and more
19.51 Mb
11.9 Mb

2008-04-14 - Longest Walk visits Schools , Relocating, down the Road, - Greensburg, Kansas

Walkers visit schools, that have been relocated to trailers as their buildings were blown away in Tornado, Moving down the road, will be back up later today, tomorrw 10 am Pacific, /check out the archives from yesterday, the Kansas Assisting Recovery Efforts KARE

2008-04-13 - Community Rebuilds after town is destroyed by Tornado - Greensburg, Kansas

All Day With the Community of Greensburg, which was impacted by the Tornado last Year, as they prepare to rebuild completly Green........ Mobilization of recovery effort a great statement of Human Spirit

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
14.19 Mb
one hour one minute
20.94 Mb
13.42 Mb
12.87 Mb
7.98 Mb
10.3 Mb
14.03 Mb
6.45 Mb

2008-04-12 - Re Located to Greensburg, Will be Live Tomorrow - Greensburg, Kansas

Wiped off map , last year , tornado, Longest Walk 2, will prepare dinner here, will be Web Casting from about 10 am Pacific Time until a bit after dinner... On the FM at 87.9 in the Greensburg area....

2008-04-11 - Para Military Raids on the Maori Peoples - Cimarron, Kansas

Insights into the International Aspects of Corporatization of Indigenous resources as well as the Peoples themselves...... Maori family gives us the latest news on the arrest as Folks living on the land are considered Terrorist...... David Lyons, Cows with Guns dedicated to the Bovine Revolution...

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
2008-04-12_tekotahiatuhoe (2).mp3
one hour 8 min google te kotahi a tuhoe
23.52 Mb
8.45 Mb

2008-04-10 - Coal to Nuclear Slaughter Houses Rain No Sun Solar - Garden City, Kansas

Another Rainy Day in Paradise, Nuclear Power Comes on the scope as resistance to Coal Fired Power grows, here in Kansas home of the Slaughter House Feed Lots, 5,700 cattle a day at one location..... Rain has impacted our solar electric we are off air until sun comes out......need bigger set of batteries...same problem wind farms are dealing with...... check out the archives.....thanks

2008-04-09 - Dark Skies, Cold Wind, Rain - Syracuse, Kansas

Upon waking , greeted with dark skies, a cold wind as the hail begins and turns into rain.....Low batteries , we will be back tomorrow 10am Pacific enjoy the archives,

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13.15 Mb
12.45 Mb
16.72 Mb

2008-04-08 - Purification Rain,, We are in Kansas - Syracuse, Kansas

Upon entering the park campsite in Syracuse, and the runners return, the sky turns black , Lightning, Thunder and Rain announces our arrival.... We look at the issues in Kansas, Coal Fired Power once again targeted to small towns,Joni Tucker over view of Kansas Issues, local news reporter identifies Walk

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
10.07 Mb
2.26 Mb
2.26 Mb
18.11 Mb
One hour 15 min Over View of Kansas Issues
25.75 Mb
11.48 Mb

2008-04-07 - Small Towns, Humble People, Coal Fired Power Plants - LaMar, Colorado

Leaving Sand Creek, heading east into the grassy flat lands , we come into small town LaMar, with a New Coal Fired Power Plant, two blocks from Main street...down town.... a clerk ask, how far away does my family need to be, to be safe? An article by Bob Nichols

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
15.02 Mb
6.98 Mb

2008-04-06 - Sand Creek, Maintance Day , Check our Archives - Eads, Colorado

After a very intense day at the Sand Creek Massacre Site, we are having a maintance / cleaning day... check out the archives, if you have any issues playing or down loading contact

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
11.11 Mb
one hour one minute 50 sec
21.23 Mb

2008-04-05 - Sand Creek Massacre Memorial - Sand Creek, Colorado

Waking at 3:30 am we meet with a few folks that have spent night offering prayers to those who were butchered here.......and to the Massacres that keep happening....... May All Beings Be Free May All Beings Be Done With Suffering

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
11.42 Mb
9.34 Mb
6.86 Mb
10.37 Mb

2008-04-04 - Arrive in Leads, Prepare For Sand Creek Memorial - Leads , Colorado

Jimbo gives up date on proceedings for Memorial, replay Sand Creek Massacre Movie, and interview with Don Vasicek, movie is available at search sand creek Community Gathers for Pot Luck and Introductions , Community Folks and Walkers, watch a couple of videos on Native Issues,

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
6.85 Mb
2008-04-04_honor song.mp301:07
398.42 Kb
11.79 Mb

2008-04-03 - On the Road, One With Saber - LaJunta, Colorado

Getting ready to leave La Junta, Interview with One With Saber

2008-04-01 - Sand Creek Massacre , Navajo Nation Water Give Away - La Junta , Colorado

we speak with Don Vasicek and the Documentary he put together on the Sand Creek Massacre........ A conversation with Calvin Johnson on the Southern Route and Dine Care...... Water Give Away..... by the Navajo Nation

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
one hour 19 min
27.32 Mb
one hour 18 min includes Sand Creek Documentary
26.95 Mb
14.23 Mb

2008-03-31 - Meet The Folks In Fowler , Colorado - Fowler, Colorado

Sitting in the local breakfast stop, 'Bushy' introduces himself, intriqued by the bus, we find out he is the Mayor, he gets the town administrator and a local farmer, we talk about what is happening Here.... Small Town America, Every Town America... Coal Fire Power Plants, Toxic Weapons Incinerator, Free Way ByPass, Water Diversion, 400,000 acre military base expansion with their own bio fuel,solar,wind power,and methane gas generation...a little bit of everything

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
one hour 18 min.......
26.92 Mb

2008-03-30 - Ben Carnes speaks on Leonard Peltier / - Some Where in the Rockies

Questions to FBI as to whether Standing Deer was murdered by the FBI , Progressive movements to the Evolution of Revolution, Longest Walk visits Peltier in June........

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
18.5 Mb
17.29 Mb
2008-03-30_david velarde .mp359:59
20.86 Mb

2008-03-29 - Community Folks come out to Join Walk - Pueblo , Colorado

We are off air/web at 2:00 pm pacific time, will be back tomorrow 10 am pacific......later thanks for listening

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8.65 Mb
4.83 Mb
one hour 22 min
28.24 Mb

2008-03-28 - Chertoff Declares Himself God - Pueblo, Colorado

Jay Johnson from Del Rio, Border Ambasadors, brings it home to the American People, Martial Law ...... Pueblo College, Aztec Dancers, Walkers and Open Mike Cafe Cultura......

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
15.45 Mb
12.8 Mb
8.6 Mb
15.61 Mb
13.45 Mb
17.04 Mb

2008-03-27 - Bombing Ranges, ROAR, Black Mesa / Big Mountain - Pueblo,Colorado

Phone interview with folks from Salida, issues: Pinyon Canyon and Bombing...Big Horn Sheep Canyon and the John Claude and Cristo Rags Over Arkansa River "Art" project.....Site Monitoring.....We speak with Bahe Katenay in our 'My Space' studio.....Black Mesa / Big Mountain and the 1978 Longest Walk....

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10.9 Mb
13.5 Mb
18.05 Mb
1.89 Mb

2008-03-26 - What's Up in Canada - Aurther Manuel and Kahentinetha Horn

Kahentinetha Horn of the Mohawk Nation News and Arther Manuel give us some insights as to what is happening in the north other wise known as Canada

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848.7 Kb
4.43 Mb
6.26 Mb

2008-03-25 - Re grouping and Posting - Pueblo, Colorado

After Leaving Denver , we have arrived in Pueblo, editing the pieces from the last four days , will have them posted after todays show.......

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15.2 Mb

2008-03-24 - Live at Capitol Building - Denver Capitol Steps, Denver, Colorado

Check out Video on the Links List , vigil at Capitol , .....State Capitol Building govenor offers proclamation supporting one got arrested Walk to exciting time at Newmont Building.... .deliver Message From Shoshone

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850.23 Kb
17.39 Mb
3.85 Mb
13.03 Mb
16.02 Mb

2008-03-22 - Live in Denver, Pow Wow and Meet and Greet - Denver , Colorado

We are sitting at the Denver Pow Wow, will be here for a few hours then off to the other side of the Building where the local community is having an event to introduce the walkers and Longest Walk.... Trust everyone enjoyed the Equinox, we move forward....Monday the Govenor's Proclamation

2008-03-21 - Equinox / Setting up for Denver Pow Wow No Show Today - Denver , Colorado

After spending the night in the Coldest Town in the Us Gunison, we headed over the Monarch Pass, 11,000 plus feet....a very slow drive, the bus made it.....It's all down hill from here to the Mississippi....Arrived in Denver setting up for the pow wow..making copies of archives ...will not have show today....but will be LIVE through the weekend..

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13.7 Mb
12.55 Mb
922.78 Kb
8.91 Mb
3.84 Mb
15.79 Mb
3.22 Mb

2008-03-20 - Spring? 3 feet of snow, but the Sun is Shinning - gunison, Colorado

Cold, chipped out the ice to make coffee, Talked with Love the Mezenger, On our way to Denver, check out the Big thanks to KMEC Radio in Mendocino , Ca who are playing the Archives of the Longesst Walk from 12midnight until 6 am If you are up, check it out.....thanks

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
3.68 Mb
806.45 Kb

2008-03-18 - Mountain Lion and Mayor visit Longest Walkers - Montrose, Colorado

Ruby a Mountain Lion, came by to visit the Walkers and bring a greeting from the four legged elders.... The Mayor came by to speak with us about sprawl... And the High Point , a conversation with Roland McCook about the Ute Peoples aa CJ Brafford shares info surrounding the Ute Museium see photos

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10.74 Mb
6.01 Mb
12.78 Mb
4.87 Mb
59.05 Kb
2.82 Mb

2008-03-17 - Dennis Martinez on Traditional Wisdom / Jimbo Simons Update - Ute Indian Museum Montrose, Colorado

Dennis Martinez presents Traditional Ecological Knowledge Jimbo Simons gives us an update on the Longest Walk.......

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7.77 Mb
13.63 Mb
7.43 Mb
7.02 Mb
480.92 Kb
2.14 Mb
308.72 Kb
280.87 Kb

2008-03-16 - try Listen Now Alt - Montrose, Colorado

If you can not hear Listen Now, try Listen Now Alt...we are in Montrose , Colorado......

2008-03-15 - We are in Grand Junction - Grand Junction , Coloarado

We are moving down the road to Grand Junction, It is quite chilly.....there were three Bald Eagles flying around Camp this morning....quite white....Will be taking down wind generator and securing solar panels moving down road to set them up again, if the Listen Now is showing we are LIVE.....Grand Junction home of CapCo , land mines

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
16.26 Mb
12.99 Mb
13.19 Mb
6.29 Mb
18.9 Mb

2008-03-14 - Phone interview Margo Tamez - Fruita, Colorado

A cold day in Colorado, preparing for crossing the Rockies....great talk with Margo Tamez a Must Listen to Piece, Wild Horses with Amy Marsh....Dennis Kucinich......Andrea Carmen of the International Indian Treaty Council on Yaqui issues and pesticides Bill Means and Many Pinno finish out the day with their presentations at the 2006 IITC Gathering at Lake Okechobe.....

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
8.44 Mb
3.84 Mb
13.43 Mb
20.05 Mb
6.69 Mb
2006-01-iitc_ manny pino.mp325:16
8.68 Mb
2006-01_iitc_bill means.mp319:25
6.67 Mb

2008-03-13 - Tracy Thomas check out the No Shoot Foot Video - Fruita, Colorado

Tracy Thomas, relates stories of the 1978 Longest Walk, and prepares to send poster he developed to commemorate the occasion....We do some shopping at the local thrift store for more cups, NO More Paper or Plastic Bags, Bring Our Own.....the noshootfoot video is on the links list here is url

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
6.11 Mb

2008-03-12 - No Show we are Rolling, - Green River, Utah

Will be breaking down , and moving into Colorado....about 100miles east... once we land we might set up other wise stay tuned tomorrow....10 am pacific....the Longest Talk Radio on the web..... hopefully we have the web site access working...drop a line if you have any issues..... a great site for traditional knowledge thanks for listening

2008-03-11 - Louise Benally and Harold Shepard interviews - Green River, Utah

The Longest Talk Radio speaks with Louis Bennaly of Big Mountain of Black Mesa, a historic perspective of resistance......Harold Shepard of gives us and overview of energy exploitation in south east Utah.....

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
5.15 Mb
7.55 Mb
17.25 Mb

2008-03-10 - Leaving Salt Lake City to Green River - Green River , Utah

Leaving Salt Lake City , early, made it over the pass on route 6, lots of snow, but not snowing, arrive in the town of Green River, another half dead town, many vacant buildings, and the Green River looks pretty Brown, staying at the State Park, great hospitality.

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
6.03 Mb

2008-03-09 - No Show Today, - Salt Lake City , Utah

Editing and cleaning up..... thanks for listening, will be back tomorrow, 10 am Pacific Time.......check out for info on the Pow Wow....

2008-03-08 - Live Radio 87.9 All Day , Salt Lake Indian Walk In Center - Salt Lake City, Utah

Live All Day, with a Pow Wow this evening, Nasa will give presentation around 12:30 1:00 we will talk about the Sun, Solar Flares, Magnetic Pole Shift, Interviews with Elders.....and much much More....Click on Listen Now to Hear Live Web Cast

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15.45 Mb
16.11 Mb
2.78 Mb
3.75 Mb
3.95 Mb
17.78 Mb
4.64 Mb

2008-03-07 - Taking Pride in Being Native - Ritchfield , Utah

Up at 5am , a 17 mile run into Ritchfield, a school for native youth who expressed themselves with a lot of emotion as to coming to grasp with Pride their Native Roots, As the Longest Walk 2 brings inspiration and intention to the Lives of us All.... the computer burped and we lost the recording but you'll get the idea from the one minute we saved...We are off to Salt Lake City for the Pow we will be off the air a bit early....

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
404.82 Kb
13.78 Mb

2008-03-05 - Utah and it is Coldddddddd - Scipio, Utah

A short show, as we need to get some fire wood for the stove in the 'MySpace Bus' as the youth refer to it.....Updates to the site posters and events, the Pow Wow scheduled this weekend in Salt Lake City , Utah...will be back with more later......

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
9.12 Mb

2008-03-04 - Geneva Switzetland CERD - Scipio, Utah

We speak with Julie Fischel of the Western Shoshone Defence Project, about her recent trip to Geneva, in reference to the Human Rights Violation charges against the United States,

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
17.64 Mb
14.85 Mb
7.17 Mb

2008-03-03 - Washington Apolgy Seen As Diversion - Baker, Nevada

Jimbo Simmons response to United States Senate apology to Native Americans Check Out

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
5.76 Mb

2008-03-02 - Home Farm School of Natural Order - Baker, Nevada

Home of the Bristle Cone Pine,5000 year old trees...As Floyd Redcrow Westerman would say "Pray to the Trees" ..Once again the mystical magic of Newe Sogobia (Nevada) reveals itself.....great food supplied by the Border Inn......Sweats, conversation, mindful introspection

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
4.94 Mb
6.63 Mb
3.41 Mb
3.67 Mb
7.12 Mb
1.72 Mb
A 30 year resident of the Home Farm School of Natural Order 1:12:20
24.84 Mb

2008-03-01 - Coal Fired Power and Water Diversion - Ely, Nevada

Walkers and Runners and community members walk into town, Issues- coalfired power plants, they want to build one here, where there is no coal,and the air is Clean and Clear....they want to build a rail line at 0ne Million dollars a mile, "what else do they want to ship in?", As well they want to pipe out all the clear water to LasVegas.....

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
7.47 Mb
4.41 Mb
625.1 Kb
1.29 Mb
908.72 Kb

2008-02-29 - Welcomed With a Float, Walking With Community - Ely, Nevada

The Local Community meets the walkers, with a little parade through town , to the local gym, for a community gathering, Las Vegas wants their Water, Coal Fired Powered Companies want their Air

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
11.52 Mb
Arrival and interviews 1:02:05
21.32 Mb
10.2 Mb

2008-02-28 - Carrie Dann visits Longest Walk, WSDP Spring Gathering 2004/5 - Eureka, Nevada

We made the journey out to Eureka, staying at a local school gym, another small town , that must have been quite busy in 1800's....but now somewhat lost in time...Carrie Dann came by to visit and there were several songs shared..........A list of recordings from the Western Shoshone Spring Gathering 2004 and 2005, That give an over view of 1863 Treaty of Ruby Valley issues...and more....

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
1.03 Mb
29.96 Mb
19.05 Mb
39.07 Mb
40.88 Mb
28.93 Mb
22.39 Mb
32.12 Mb
8.16 Mb
12.35 Mb
28.37 Mb
29.81 Mb
8.84 Mb
6.68 Mb
33.87 Mb
4.16 Mb
5.46 Mb

2008-02-27 - Still no Satellite - Austin, Nevada

We apologize for the low bandwidth broadcast, as we have left the populated areas the data phone has slowwwweeeedddddd way down, working to get the satellite up ...... we appreciate all you folks out there listening.........

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
20.14 Mb
1023.67 Kb
2.19 Mb
1.66 Mb
9.44 Mb
10.83 Mb
4.73 Mb
11.87 Mb
2.56 Mb
703.62 Kb

2008-02-26 - Another Day in Austin - Austin, Nevada

The walkers and community come together and have a social evening, i'm working on getting the satellite set 6000 feet the cold is feeling colder

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
14.37 Mb
1.59 Mb
1.51 Mb
164.36 Kb
9.45 Mb

2008-02-25 - Arriving to the Heart of Shoshone Lands - Austin, Nevada

Crossing from the Paiute Lands of marshes, entering the mystical lands of the Shoshone, where a Sand Mountain crawls , we come up into the mountain town of Austin, once the seat of the Shoshone Nation, now a registered ghost town.....the wild horses come to see what's going on as we enjoy the several feet of snow that fell a couple of days ago, now bright and sunny... i begin getting the satellite internet up

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
18.21 Mb

2008-02-24 - Dell Steve historic Paiute Lands - Fallon, Nevada

Dell Steve relates to us about remains still held by the US, and the beauty and life support provided by Mother Earth in what seems a very desolate area....and we are finally back on the Path.....

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
19.01 Mb

2008-02-23 - More Insights into Religous Freedom Act - Fallon, Nevada

Dr.Adam Fortunate Eagles Nordwall speaks again to us about the evolution of the American Indian Religous Freedom Act....

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
15.77 Mb
3.51 Mb
9.42 Mb

2008-02-22 - Stories and Issues from Paiute Shoshone - Fallon, Nevada

Dr.Adam Fortunate Eagle Nordwall gives us some historical insite to United States laws implemented against Native Peoples.......

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
21.86 Mb
996.71 Kb
6.78 Mb
6.78 Mb
17.29 Mb

2008-02-21 - Fallon Paiute Shoshone Tribe - Fallon, Nevada

Warm Welcome, Great Cultural Sharing, and a couple of days of regrouping, and slow internet, It's nice to see the Sierra's from a distance, but it is still cold, The Prayer For Mother Earth and All Living Things begins to breathe through the Walk

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
2 Mb
4.85 Mb
3.82 Mb
4.84 Mb
5.56 Mb

2008-02-20 - Snowing, No Show Today - Carson City , Nevada

It's snowing here,and begining to stick, just went to get a set of tire chains, we will be on the move to Fallen, Once we get there depending on time we will come on LIVE, other wise we will be up tomorrow as we need to get a couple of things before we leave here, Thanks for Listening, we will have all audio updates in next day......

2008-02-19 - Nevada State Capitol - Carson City, Nevada

Looking for a trailer to carry all the donations, getting them out of the bus, reorganizing for the nest run of the journey across Nevada

2008-02-18 - Waso People Welcome the "The Longest Walk 2" - Carson City , Nevada

Out of the mountains,the Northern Route, at the Carson Colony Gym, Social Gathering, Pow Wow and Community Potluck....Marriage Ceramony for two of the Walkers.......

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
2.14 Mb
9.27 Mb
6.45 Mb
2.83 Mb
8.28 Mb
3.19 Mb

2008-02-17 - Cave Rock - South Lake Taho

The community gathered around the lake at Eldorado Beach, then procceded through town,leaving California, Entering into Nevada, concluding ceramoinies at Cave Rock..WE caravaned down to Carson City, where we were met with a wild enthusiastic crowd of youth and elders waving flags.

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
615.89 Kb
1.7 Mb
694.72 Kb
409.56 Kb
1.04 Mb
390.74 Kb
739.56 Kb
322.93 Kb
1.17 Mb
163.9 Kb
819 Kb
United Nations Observer picks up story
791.45 Kb
3.18 Mb
1.7 Mb
953.39 Kb
6.81 Mb
4.59 Mb

2008-02-16 - Over The Summit - Poolluck Pines

We are at the snow line, The snow is about 4 feet on side of the road. The sky is clear, the air is cold...approaching the summit

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
1.17 Mb
337.35 Kb
570.46 Kb
1.12 Mb

2008-02-15 - Longest Walk 2 Runners Risk Arrest - Shingle Springs Rancheria / California

Miwok runners risk arrest as California Dept of Trans sends out list of Demands for the Sacred Run to continue....Call Dept. of Trans California 530 741 4403 Ask them about t he 1978 Religious Freedom Act We will have live updates here as to the status, once again check for more commentary and photos

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
13.43 Mb
3.49 Mb
929.54 Kb

2008-02-15 - CalTrans Issues Permit - Shingle Springs

Thanks for the immediate response, They changed their minds, their letter dated the 14th is listed below, you will need to copy and paste

2008-02-14 - On Air Schedule - Shingle Springs/50 miles East of Sacramento

We are looking to set up Live Web Casting Schedule. Since we are a Solar / Wind Powered station, We are looking to go on around 10am ...For daily updates journal and photos see It is getting quite cold at night....we are appreciating the wood stove...there is a photo of the Bus on This has to one of the best examples of community and density housing, as aprox 200 folks live on 160 acres , and you still feel like you are in the woods......the youth as you can tell from listening to the interviews are quite 'clear' ... Everything is done with Ceremonial Intention...As part of the Virtual Longest Walk, you to can participate from where ever you find yourself, we wake around 5:30 and come into consciousness as the Earth spins in to the Light of Sun.....It's NOW everywhere at the same time......

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
3.12 Mb
10.92 Mb
1.09 Mb
5.94 Mb
3.8 Mb

2008-02-12 - California , State Capital - Sacramento, California

After waking around 5:30, Both the North and South Walkers headed out to breakfast, then to walk several miles together, The Northern walkers and supporters gathering at State Capital Building....We should begin some time around 10 am.....if the main site doesn't connect for you...try the Alt site We are Live Now, when you do not see the LISTEN NOW link we are off air

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
709.9 Kb
1.11 Mb
770.97 Kb
641.48 Kb
339.03 Kb
265.56 Kb
259.9 Kb
60 Kb
2.7 Mb
734.08 Kb
707.6 Kb
846.73 Kb
506.48 Kb
766.53 Kb
16.98 Mb
5.22 Mb

2008-02-11 - Longest Walk 2 - DQ University

Download Audio File Play Audio InlineLength/Size
193.78 Kb
2.06 Mb
1.95 Mb
Recorded on the 10th at DQ University
3.66 Mb
A look at DQ University from student
6.93 Mb
6.47 Mb
1.08 Mb
2.27 Mb
1.49 Mb
336.89 Kb
913.78 Kb
483.83 Kb
983.11 Kb
1.99 Mb
947.3 Kb
2.98 Mb

2008-01-25 - History from SacredRun.Org - Ukiah, CA

Here is some history from the Longest Walk 2 Official Site

Washington, D.C.

1978: Eleven legislative bills introduced in the 95th U.S. Congress would have abrogated Native Treaties that protect remaining Native sovereignty. The Longest Walk of 1978 was a peaceful, spiritual effort to educate the public about Native American rights and the Native way of life. Native American Treaty Rights under the U.S. Constitution are to be honored as the supreme law of the land. The 3,600 mile walk was successful in its purpose: to gather enough support to halt proposed legislation abrogating Indian treaties with the U.S. government.

On July 15, 1978, The Longest Walk arrived in Washington, D.C with hundreds of supporters including Muhammed Ali, Senator Ted Kennedy and Marlon Brando. The eleven legislative bills that threatened Native sovereignty were defeated protecting the remaining Treaty rights Native Americans possessed. The extraordinarily successful grassroots effort is now being commemorated with a 30 year anniversary walk across America.